An ongoing series of photos taken around the Benderloch area of the Scottish West Highlands. If you would like more information about the area, including tourist and "where to stay" info please visit the Benderloch website - link on sidebar. Enjoy the pictures, and remember that if you click on a picture a larger version will open. Steve.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New air service

As of today you can catch a seaplane from the River Clyde in Glasgow and about half an hour later land on Oban Bay. Here's the link to the website.
I was in Oban today and got this quick snap of the plane coming in to land from the supermarket car park.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Highland cow poses for the camera, July 07

Three swallows settle down to roost for the night on a plant-hanger inside our porch. I think these were youngsters from a nest on the church close by. First there was one, which soon got used to our comings and goings. We went away on a holiday and on our return there were up to five swallows trying to fit into the space. Even now, in August some of them still return at night.