An ongoing series of photos taken around the Benderloch area of the Scottish West Highlands. If you would like more information about the area, including tourist and "where to stay" info please visit the Benderloch website - link on sidebar. Enjoy the pictures, and remember that if you click on a picture a larger version will open. Steve.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Migrating birds

Over the past week there's been a huge increase in the number of small birds migrating through the area. Of particular interest has been watching fieldfares (and others) stripping Rowan (mountain ash) trees of their berries in a matter of hours.

Rowan tree full of berries at Connel Bridge
prior to the irruption.

Fieldfare on Rowan

Starlings on Rowan

Monday, November 05, 2012

Aurora Benderloch

9th Oct 2012
Not the best aurora I've seen from Benderloch
but still worth looking at.

Autumn scenes - October 2012

Thistles Loch creran
Connel Bridge

Ben Lora forest and the old smithy

Sunset over north Shian, Loch Creran

Sunset from the road bridge over Loch Creran

Upper Loch Creran

Sunbeam over the Isle of Mull

Double rainbow over Benderloch

Autumn colours at the old smithy, Benderlcoh

Pictures from Sept 2012

Ardchattan Kirk on Loch Etive
at Harvest Festival

Harvest festival in the Kirk
Sunset over Loch Etive from the Kirk
Heather blooming on the moss
looking to the Morvern hills

Sunset over Mull from the viewpoint
at the south end of Benderloch

Summer - August 2012

From the road to the Isle of Eriska, Benderloch

Cycling around Loch Creran

Rowan (mountain ash) berries by the roadside

Small copper butterfly near the beach

Sea mayweed on the shingle part of the beach

Summer pictures - July 2012

Telephoto shot of the Isle of Mull
ferry seen from Tralee beach

Unlike most of the country its been
very dry around here and the ponds
behind the beach have grown a grand
crop of grasses

Marsh orchid neat the beach

Red poppy

Purple thistle flowers

Afternoon sun on Ben Lora forest