An ongoing series of photos taken around the Benderloch area of the Scottish West Highlands. If you would like more information about the area, including tourist and "where to stay" info please visit the Benderloch website - link on sidebar. Enjoy the pictures, and remember that if you click on a picture a larger version will open. Steve.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Unusual sunset

This was taken shortly before 10pm tonight.
The upward angular rays of the setting sun are the dramatic attraction here.. To their right are some smaller, lighter rays appearing to go in the wrong direction (down towards 4 o'clock). I'm guessing there's a large cloud behind those we can see which was reflecting the sun back down through the cloud layers.
Picture taken from the layby at the south end of Benderloch looking over Tralee Bay.


Anonymous said...

That view which Steve has caught is awesome. One really has to go and see for oneself the beauty that nature can create for us in our own backyard. Go on travel to that most magnificent of areas and inhale the view for yourself. There are so many wonderful views to take in, so many that one can only wonder how it is all possible.Our God created them all, it only takes yourself to want to go and visit God's little acre, called Benderloch.

Steve E of Benderloch said...

Thank you, Anonymous! Steve.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, you thank me for my anonymous comment which a genuine comment. The photograph is beautiful, but when I left comments pertinent to "The wee pink shop" you did not like them. On both occasions I gave a genuine and true comment (as I see it) I did not comment when I was last in the shop,two weeks ago, the fact that Christmas decorations are still hanging. What else has not been discarded and cleaned? As an outsider that is what the decorations express to me. Are there foods out of date similiar to out of date decorations.