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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I believe this to be a Green Veined white butterfly. It landed conveniently on a sack of compost in the garden and I saw the ditinctive markings on its open wings. Of course, by the time I'd fetched the camera it had folded its wings but the markings are still just about visible.

This one only comes out when the warm sun is shining. Its a Scotch Argus which have a fairly limited territory in Britain, being mainly seen in the Scottish West Highlands around August. So its spot on cue. This was one of several flying around the bushes at the top of the beach today. I was rather pleased as it's some years since I last saw one. It was just on the point of taking off when I got the shot - hence the opened wings. You'll notice the base of the nearer wing is damaged, as though something has taken a bite at it.

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Anonymous said...

We are all so lucky having yourself stopping to observe all the wonders of nature. Thank you Steve for showing us all those wonders when we are all so busy to notice for ourselves.