An ongoing series of photos taken around the Benderloch area of the Scottish West Highlands. If you would like more information about the area, including tourist and "where to stay" info please visit the Benderloch website - link on sidebar. Enjoy the pictures, and remember that if you click on a picture a larger version will open. Steve.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rocky coast photoshoot

At spring tides you can walk around the rocky promontory at the east end of Tralee beach, Benderloch. This is a series of HDR images I took in the late afternoon a few days ago. (HDR is where you combine several photos at different exposures to increase the tonal/colour range.)
The view towards Oban and Mull.
Using HDR has emphasised the restless sea by combining the incoming wave images and has added depth to the darker areas of the rocks to show the vegetation which spends part of every day under water.
The Hairy rock.
I'm always fascinated by these rock forms and the ways they look different from year to year.
Rock pool.
Towards the top of the beach where the rocks start to be climbable. Its difficult to see the scale in this image but its about 2 metres from top of rock to bottom of the pool.
Looking west along the bay. Same image in colour and black-and-white. Take your pick!

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