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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Striking sunset

I've been taking a walk to the beach shortly before sunset on three out of the last four evenings. I was mainly doing video of the sunsets but took a few static shots as well. Here  are some of the photos I obtained.

Through the conifers on the way to the beach.

Just above the shingle east end of the beach was this group of late flowering narcissi, dramatic against the changing sky colours.

Still in the shingle area, a low-level HDR shot where the green of the seaweed adds a nice counter to the oranges and yellows.

The sun disappears over the hills of Morvern.

The previous night the colours were different and the main interest was in the sky shadows cast by the clouds after the sun had set.

I liked this scene enough to make a pencil sketch and took the photo as an afterthought when the effect was fading.

The pencil sketch of the view.

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