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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Dramatic sunset beams

Down on Tralee beach just before sunset today. I had been hoping to photo the sun's orb as it dropped below the horizon but distant cloud blocked it. Luckily, before that happened I got these shots with dramatic dark shadow beams. The CalMac ferry is heading out of Oban towards Mull on its way to the outer isles. There's also a wee fishing boat to the right. The "mirage" effect on this one is quite jolly and the seagull just happened to pass at the right moment in the second picture.

We seem to be one of the few parts of the UK without snow so far this week, but it was a chilly -5C when I took these at about 3:30pm.


Anonymous said...

WOW great Steve I enjoy getting these blog postings they r always great and make want to paint them

Steve E of Benderloch said...

Thanks Janice. Nice to hear from you. S.