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Sunday, November 06, 2005

An afternoon of contrasting light.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

It had been a lovely afternoon so J sent me out to photo the Church against the autumn-tinted forest in the low-angled sunlight. Good in theory - but as soon as I ventured outside the sun was occluded by a dark cloud approaching from Mull.
So I walked to the viewpoint and captured this rather uninspiring view over the bay. A bit 'dreek' as we say.But sitting there I spotted some interesting pictures within the scene. So here goes...

Turning to my right the waves are breaking over the rocks.
The far beach is where I was photographing on Friday.

Getting down low to capture some foreground.
I zoom in on the Mull cliffs and expose for the lighter part of the sky.

Zooming out again to capture the whole of the cloud.
You can see curtains of rain sweeping in from the right.
The wind was about Force 7.
(Its worth clicking this one for the full effect. I think its my favourite shot from today, but realise some may find it more disturbing than dramatic. S.)

And before I leave the viewpont I zoom in on breaking waves and catch the sunlight reflecting in the water. I almost made it home before the rain arrived.It was a good downpour, but 10 minues later it had passed!
SJE � 2005

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