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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Onwards and Upwards!

At about 2.30pm today I acheived the target I had set myself of reaching the Eagles Eyrie viewpoint on Ben Lora before Christmas. Its a steep, stiff walk and I wouldn't have made it without the support of my friend Tom. (He's in red; I'm in white.) Below are some pictures I took on the way up. Its gone colder today, and this morning the hills towards Glencoe had a dusting of snow.

This is from the middle viewpoint. I had reached this far a few weeks ago - the first time up the hill since my two hip replacements. Home is just out of sight behind the conifers.

Took a rest about half way up. This view looks south to Ledaig Point (the triangle jutting out at the entrance to Loch Etive.)

The path, though wide enough and well gravelled, gets pretty steep as it climbs past this waterfall. I don't recall seeing the fall looking as good as this before, but there have been major timber works in the forest in the years since I was last here, so quite a few views have changed.

And thanks to the time delay feature on my wee digital camera I was able to get this shot at the Viewpoint. Tom, in trademark wellingtons and carrying umbrella; his dog, Kerry; and me, wondering where I left my stick (its on the fence, Steve; doh.)
SJE� 2005

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