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Monday, November 28, 2005

Loch Creran Sunset.

As the sun was going down - around 3:45pm today - we had a drive around Loch Creran, a few miles to the north of Benderloch. The snow on the hills had been looking good in the bright sun earlier, but I'd missed that as I was busy. But it meant we saw a glorious sunset and took lots of pictures. Edited highlights here! This view is looking east up the loch towards the Glencoe hills. Even to the east there is a hint of pinkness.

We went to the head of the loch and took this ...

...from the bridge where the river enters the loch. We're a few miles inland but the waters are still tidal - in fact the road gets covered at the highest tides.

Then we drove back down to the (newish) bridge at Cregan where we saw this view down the loch.

The low dark line of land juts out from Benderloch / Barcaldine (on the left) and Loch Creran joins Loch Linnhe off the right of the picture. The farthest hills, merging into the cloud, are on the Isle of Mull.
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